Inner West Electrician Project

We recently commenced a project for Windon Electrical Services.  They are based in Strathfield and offer a wide range of electrician services which include. LED lighting installation, power point installation and addition, house rewiring, installation of security lighting and CCTV cameras and a wide range of other electrical services both residential and commercial.

The website is designed to be relatively simple and give viewers of the site they need in a quick, efficient manner. The website simply displays a list of electrical services that the client offers and the objective is to get clients or potential clients to call Windon Electrical Services.

Electrical Services – A Competitive Business

In inner west Sydney, there are well over 100 electricians operating very competitive businesses. it is imperative that any business has a strong web presence hence the design of this website. We also created a simple promotional video that highlights the electrical services offered and we uploaded that video to youtube:


The objective is to generate as many customer enquiries as possible for Windon Electrical Services. They can be contacted at:

Windon Electrical Services
83 Arthur St,
N.S.W. 2135
ABN: 91295679313
Licence Number: 244194c
24/7 Emergency call outs


Mob: 0401 955 254

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Handyman Website – New Project

We were asked to design a website for the business handyman eastern suburbs. The handyman services offered cover a wide scope of work and so the site needed to reflect this and ensure that prospective clients could easily understand the services offered by the handyman. In summary the requirement for this project were:

clearly display the handyman services succinctly and have the ability to drill down to greater detail
have an attractive appearance
have an easy to navigate menu system
have images related to handyman projects in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, so clients in that geographic area can relate to the projects and call on the handyman to perform similar projects for their homes and apartments
make contact via email, telephone and form very easy for clients and prospective clients
to display the latest projects of handyman work

The services covered include carpentry, picture hanging, painting and decorating, laying vinyl flooring, installing shelving units, fixing doors and hinges, installing brackets and wall units and a very wide range of other work. The challenge is to clearly communicate these range of jobs without making the copy ‘overwhelming’ for viewers. We achieved this by breaking down the services into one line grabs in some instances and expanding out the detail of other services. this achieved a nice content balance and the handyman receives complements from clients on the appearance of the services page.


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Adding A Logo In – Website Design

Most business websites and businesses in general have a logo that ‘identifies’ that business in an attractive and graphic manner (examples of logo’s can be seen here). We can design a logo to suit your business style and needs from a corporate style logo to a more ‘artistic’ design depending on the nature of your organisation. Logo’s can incorporate text, images, any colour combination, lines and just about anything else you can think of. In general, the trand in logo design is to keep it simple and ‘clean’ in appearance. Below is an example of our (DRC Systems) logo:


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Keep Content Fresh – Add A Blog To Your Web Design

Most organisations and businesses need to regularly update clients and prospective customers with news, be it about new policies, courses, products or strategies for that organisation. By adding a blog into the website it makes adding new content very easy and also makes that content accessible to readers. most blogs these days have easy social sharing options. this means that readers of a blog post can easily share that post to their facebook, twitter or tumblr account so that their friends and clients can also read the blog post. This is a remarkably efficient way of getting news and press releases ‘out’ into cyber space and can become a valuable marketing tool for all businesses. Social media is the new ‘buzz’ in business marketing and adding a blog to a website can be the first step in this cycle.
What To Include In A Blog Post
When setting out to create a new blog post there are several elements that might be worth considering. Depending on the target audience of the blog post and the aim of the blog post it could be worth while to consider some or all of these elements that can make a blog post compelling viewing for readers:

Make content compelling reading. In these days of information overwhelm it has become extremely important to engage readers to ensure they stay of your web page. Make the content useful, well written, to the topic in question and concise
Add in interesting images and graphics
Add in video relevant to the post subject matter
Adding infographics can be effective if done properly. Infographics is simply a visual way to represent information and can be effective in conveying data and concepts in an easily aborbed fashion
Add relevant blog categories. […]

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Choosing A Website Design Company In Inner West Sydney

When selecting a company to create your new website it is important to choose a web designer that, in our opinion, offers the following:

Local company. Many so called ‘website designers’ are actually simply agents for Indian based web design organisations or individuals. They look to secure business from businesses and individuals requiring a website and then subcontract out the design work to an Indian web company. Our experience is that Indian web designers + local agent results in higher costs for clients and poorer websites and ongoing problems with communication / website changes / website support. Don’t do it is our advice! Local companies (like us!) offer better service and finished product at a lower cost. plus you can pick up the phone and talk to us and get changes to your website made quickly.
High quality advice. At DRC Systems we discuss in detail, at absolutely no cost, the in’s and out’s of setting up a new website and advise on url selection, hosting options, website structure, content structure, video creation, search engine optimisation and most importantly, how to maximise the exposure of your website to potential clients and customers. The value to clients of this advice cannot be underestimated.
Fully mobile friendly web design. As people use smart phones and tablets more and more it is critical new website designs cater for correct viewing on these devices
Fast website delivery at competitive prices. We generally complete web design work with 1 to 2 weeks. Our pricing is often 50% that of our competitors!
Quality hosting. We offer (if required) high quality hosting that has a proven track record of reliability and good support if required.

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Mobile Friendly Web Design

In November 2015 it is estimated that over 65 percent of Australian websites are not correctly viewable on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. This means that organisations and businesses are potentially missing out on around 20 to 30 percent of web views as the number of people using these devices to search for products and services increases at an astounding rate.

Responsive Web Site Design

The term ‘responsive web design’ is used to define websites that are designed to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets as well as laptop computers and desktop p.c’s. We ensure all our website designs are fully responsive to ensure the newly created websites will be fully viewable on all such devices. Responsive web design aims to ensure that:

website menu’s work well on tablets and smartphones
display fonts and text and all content on tablets and smartphones
images and content adjust to be viewed on all devices in correct proportions
contact forms work correctly
colour schemes are accurate and reflect the original design concept
there is fully website functionality on all mobile devices

Online Emulators To Test Responsive Design

We make use of some well designed, web based tools to test the responsive design of our websites. It is important to test websites on android devices, iphone devices and tablets. To make this task easier and as accurate as possible we have access to online smartphone and tablet ’emulators’. these allow us to see how the websites will appear on these dvices without having to actually have such a device – very useful. More importantly it ensures the newly crafted websites are working as they are designed to.

S.E.O. Benefits Of Responsive Design

Google has stated that it gives ‘favour’ to websites that are mobile friendly in their search […]

Video Creation In Web Design

Website design for inner west Sydney clients is increasing integrating video. Video can be a powerful tool for conveying a company message. In these times of youtube and vimeo, video is the preferred way for many people to ‘absorb’ information. Video can used for a variety of purposes from a web development perspective. These include:

to present client testimonials
to promote business services offered by your company
to show your products and services in action
to convey business presentations in spoken form
to generate ‘calls to action’ – requesting that viewers of the video call or email your company
explain features and benefits of a service
explain features and benefits of a product or products

Cost Of Video Production For Websites

Simple promotional video’s like the one featured below for DRC Systems are relatively simple to create and integrate into a new website design. The typical cost for a 30 second video is around $100 to $200 with production time just a few days (on average). Contact us for further information.


Website Design – Sliders – Benefits And Features

Sliders allow web designers to integrate moving images and text into visually stunning ‘slide shows’ on the home page of a web design. Our website is an obvious example of this. We have used a slider image plgin to create a moving picture show which allows allows us to have include text messaging with the images. this makes for an eye catching home page website display so that when visitors view the website they can quickly, via an attractive and interesting header display, get a feel for the web services we offer in an intuitive, visual programme that sets it apart from the blocks of text that used to be the website ‘norm’ just 5 years ago or so.
Website Slider Selection – Critical In Web Design Practice
Wordpress currently has over 100 sliders that are available for web designers to use in creation of new websites. So what are the consideration for selection of the most appropriate slider? As well as the pure aesthetics of the completed image slider we look for these features and benefits of a slider prior to integrating into a new web design project:

It strength in code against hacking vulnerability. One of the potential downsides to some sliders designed to

work with websites is that, whilst they make look great on a website, the coding used to create the slider has not taken into account the best coding practices to avoid hacking and breaches of website security. there have been several well publicised issues with well used sliders over the last few years that have resulted in thousands of hacked websites due to vulnerabilities in the code of the slider plugins. This can be a huge problem for webmasters as some website hacks can […]

WordPress Themes And Web Design

As we discussed in an earlier post, the use of the wordpress CMS has many advantages as a building block for web design. When an inner west business approaches us looking for a new website or upgrade of an existing website we hold discussions with that client to determine the objectives that particular business has for the website. This could include the visual appearance of the website, the purpose or primary intention of the website and the use to which the website will be put to work. This could be purely promotional or a full blown ‘E-Commerce’ website.
Creating The ‘Look’ Of A New Website – Design Options
Using wordpress as a basis for a new web designs has many advantages. One of these is that it is relatively easy to customise the look of the website to meet the clients needs. WordPress is designed to accept different ‘themes’. Themes are basically a ‘skin’ which is setup over the wordpress framework. The theme determines a unique look and functionality of the website and can be used to define website features including:

website menu structure and appearance
colour scheme of the website
header position and size
image slider options to display images and message in a variety of ways
google maps integration
client contact form structure
web page structure including sidebars and footers
fonts and font size

By understanding the clients needs we can select a suitable theme as the starting point of a new web design project. we them customise the design to meet the exact needs of the customer resulting in a unique webiste that perfectly meets their needs.

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HTML, CSS, Meta tags – Website Design From Client Perspective

We get many questions from potential clients concerning their need (or not) to understand the ‘under the hood’ aspect of web design and how they will be able to make simple modifications to their new website once we have completed their project.

Most website owners need to change, add and modify content and images on their websites from time to time. It may be that, for business websites, that webmasters need to update price lists, add a new blog post, add a new page or product information or even update existing contact details on the website. In the early days of website design using HTML language it was relatively daunting to change or add content without an in depth knowledge of coding. This mean that website owners would be reliant on their designers to make these changes and their could be considerable expense involved.

With the advent of content management systems , like wordpress, in the mid 2000’s it became possible for a website designer to pass over to their clients the log in details for that website with the confidence of knowing it was now possible for clients to manage their own websites competently. The wordpress ‘dashboard’ is intuitive and allows clients to perform most webmaster taks relatively simply as shown in this youtube tutorial on wordpress: