We get many questions from potential clients concerning their need (or not) to understand the ‘under the hood’ aspect of web design and how they will be able to make simple modifications to their new website once we have completed their project.

Most website owners need to change, add and modify content and images on their websites from time to time. It may be that, for business websites, that webmasters need to update price lists, add a new blog post, add a new page or product information or even update existing contact details on the website. In the early days of website design using HTML language it was relatively daunting to change or add content without an in depth knowledge of coding. This mean that website owners would be reliant on their designers to make these changes and their could be considerable expense involved.

With the advent of content management systems¬†, like wordpress, in the mid 2000’s it became possible for a website designer to pass over to their clients the log in details for that website with the confidence of knowing it was now possible for clients to manage their own websites competently. The wordpress ‘dashboard’ is intuitive and allows clients to perform most webmaster taks relatively simply as shown in this youtube tutorial on wordpress: