Website design for inner west Sydney clients is increasing integrating video. Video can be a powerful tool for conveying a company message. In these times of youtube and vimeo, video is the preferred way for many people to ‘absorb’ information. Video can used for a variety of purposes from a web development perspective. These include:

to present client testimonials
to promote business services offered by your company
to show your products and services in action
to convey business presentations in spoken form
to generate ‘calls to action’ – requesting that viewers of the video call or email your company
explain features and benefits of a service
explain features and benefits of a product or products

Cost Of Video Production For Websites

Simple promotional video’s like the one featured below for DRC Systems are relatively simple to create and integrate into a new website design. The typical cost for a 30 second video is around $100 to $200 with production time just a few days (on average). Contact us for further information.