Inner West Electrician Project

We recently commenced a project for Windon Electrical Services.  They are based in Strathfield and offer a wide range of electrician services which include. LED lighting installation, power point installation and addition, house rewiring, installation of security lighting and CCTV cameras and a wide range of other electrical services both residential and commercial.

The website is designed to be relatively simple and give viewers of the site they need in a quick, efficient manner. The website simply displays a list of electrical services that the client offers and the objective is to get clients or potential clients to call Windon Electrical Services.

Electrical Services – A Competitive Business

In inner west Sydney, there are well over 100 electricians operating very competitive businesses. it is imperative that any business has a strong web presence hence the design of this website. We also created a simple promotional video that highlights the electrical services offered and we uploaded that video to youtube:


The objective is to generate as many customer enquiries as possible for Windon Electrical Services. They can be contacted at:

Windon Electrical Services
83 Arthur St,
N.S.W. 2135
ABN: 91295679313
Licence Number: 244194c
24/7 Emergency call outs


Mob: 0401 955 254

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Web Design Inner West Sydney – Return On Investment Business Case Study

DRC Systems is a specialist web services company. We work with businesses to generate new business and clients for those businesses from the internet. We have worked with many business sectors to successfully increase their profitability though finding new, buyer oriented clients for that business. Industries we have worked in include:

Trades – Plumbing, Electrical, Property Maintenance
Building Industry – New Home Construction
Energy Efficiency – Home Insulation
Solar Power – Solar Panels Installation Companies
Flooring Companies

Many businesses, in fact, virtually every business has a website these days. The question is: what business and what new clients does that website actually generate for the business? Business website costs vary enormously. In inner west Sydney, where we operate, business owners typically invest from $800 up to $5000 for a ‘business website’. They then feel as though they have a ‘presence’ on the internet. The question to ask is – what revenue, directly attributable to that business website, is generated each year? Sadly, for more than 90 percent of businesses, their website generates very little return for the business.

Recent Case Study – Web Marketing Costs – Return On Investment Can Exceed 1000 Percent Per Year!

Here we take a look at a recent example of the spectacular return on investment that is possible using DRC Systems web services to generate new clients month in, month out for businesses and make outstanding return on the investment in our services. We created a very straightforward business website for a tradesman, operating in Sydney’s Inner West. Business website do NOT have to be ‘all singing, all dancing” – in fact some web design companies, in our opinion, do their clients a disservice by ‘over beautifying’ the website design at the cost of capturing potential clients for the […]

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Google Adwords – ‘Pay Per Click’. Getting Traffic To Your Website Fast!

As an alternative (or adjunct) to S.E.O. (search engine optimisation), you can increase the level of visitors to your website through using Google Adwords. This is a ‘pay per click’ model, in that Google charge you every time someone clicks on one of your ‘adwords’. The adwords direct (when clicked on) to your website so it can be a quick way to increase the number of potential customers visiting your website. At DRC Systems we are skilled in optimising the use of adwords to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the adwords campaign.

It is important to set the correct adwords budget, target the correct keywords and track and monitor the results to ensure return on investment from an adwords campaign is satisfactory. Contact us today for assistance and free advice.

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Amazing New design Available

Stunning New Website Design Available! We have a modern, clean looking web design available for businesses wanting to professionally showcase their services. A catching image slider with movable graphics makes an extremely effective way to capture the visitors attention and quickly get your message across. The design is mobile and tablet ready and is designed with SEO in mind.

[webscreenshot url=””]

See for a live example of this design.




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Fantastic new website design available now!

Checkout our latest website design. We can easily and inexpensively adapt this style for your needs – any need or purpose as it is very versatile…


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Stunning New Demonstration Web Design

We have created this beautiful and unique demo website . Available now to showcase your business products or organisation.

We now have available an extremely stunning , very unique website design to offer our clients. It could be used to showcase your products , services or organisation in a very creative and visually exciting way.

Click On The Image Below To View The Website (Code DRCWS4)

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SEO Case Study -Solar Industry

SEO Case Study

Solar Panel Company In Adelaide – SEO and Lead Generation Campaign
We were asked by a Solar Panel company in Adelaide , South Australia if we could assist them in generating leads for their solar business.

We were able to set up a very cost effective and successful campaign based on the following strategy;

1. Establish what the  Keywords (search terms) were that people in Adelaide were typing into google when looking to purchase solar power systems in Adelaide

2. Establish the volume of searches per month for those Keywords

3. Based on the Keyword research in steps 1 and 2 above , we created 2 simple websites but highly optimised for those keywords.

4. We then got the 2 websites indexed and started a sophisticated back linking campaign

5. We added relevant content to the 2 websites as we performed daily link building activities.
1 Week after launching the 2 new websites they ranked on page 4 of for the relevant Keywords

After 2 weeks  the sites were on page 3 for the relevant Keywords

After 3 weeks the sites were on the top of page 2 for the relevant Keywords

After 5 weeks both sites were on page 1 for the relevant Keywords

After 7 weeks (and currently) one web site is in position 1 and the other web site position 7 ,page one

So What Does This Mean For The Solar Company?
The solar company received over 70 new leads in the last 4 weeks and converted very significant dollars of sales from the leads.

 Contact Us For Helpful Advice . We Will Work Hard To Get Your Web Site On Page One Of Google 





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