Good Website Design Includes Quality Content
When designing a new website for inner west clients we always take time to discuss exactly what the objectives are for the client and their business or organisation. Different clients and businesses have differing requirements for their website but some of the features they are looking for generally would include:

Modern, attractive presentation
Mobile and tablet friendly web design
Ability to change website content
Have the companies contact details quickly and easily accessible
Have professional quality images displayed relating to the business
Have a quality logo on the web design
Have a menu structure that makes website navigation easy and intuitive
Have a logical page structure like ‘about us’ page, contact page etc

These are all necessary requirements for a functional web design and a good looking website. What is missing? The important thing missing is excellent content.
Why Compelling Content Matters
Having an attractive website is one thing. Having a website that actually communicates the message that a business or organisation wants to convey is another. For many business, be it a plumber, a handyman, an insurance company or fashion retail outlet, what is needed is to capture the attention of visitors to the website with compelling, informative content. The ultimate aim is to get the phones of the business ringing! We recommend that the home page of a website design include important key information like:

exactly what is the service or product you offer?
what are the key strengths of the business?
how can you be contacted?
what is the history of the business?
what, if any, is the service area of the business?
why should a potential client call your business and not your competitor?

These are all critical questions and we advise all inner west wen design clients on these issues before commencing website […]