We were asked to design a website for the business handyman eastern suburbs. The handyman services offered cover a wide scope of work and so the site needed to reflect this and ensure that prospective clients could easily understand the services offered by the handyman. In summary the requirement for this project were:

  • clearly display the handyman services succinctly and have the ability to drill down to greater detail
  • have an attractive appearance
  • have an easy to navigate menu system
  • have images related to handyman projects in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, so clients in that geographic area can relate to the projects and call on the handyman to perform similar projects for their homes and apartments
  • make contact via email, telephone and form very easy for clients and prospective clients
  • to display the latest projects of handyman work


The services covered include carpentry, picture hanging, painting and decorating, laying vinyl flooring, installing shelving units, fixing doors and hinges, installing brackets and wall units and a very wide range of other work. The challenge is to clearly communicate these range of jobs without making the copy ‘overwhelming’ for viewers. We achieved this by breaking down the services into one line grabs in some instances and expanding out the detail of other services. this achieved a nice content balance and the handyman receives complements from clients on the appearance of the services page.