Most organisations and businesses need to regularly update clients and prospective customers with news, be it about new policies, courses, products or strategies for that organisation. By adding a blog into the website it makes adding new content very easy and also makes that content accessible to readers. most blogs these days have easy social sharing options. this means that readers of a blog post can easily share that post to their facebook, twitter or tumblr account so that their friends and clients can also read the blog post. This is a remarkably efficient way of getting news and press releases ‘out’ into cyber space and can become a valuable marketing tool for all businesses. Social media is the new ‘buzz’ in business marketing and adding a blog to a website can be the first step in this cycle.

What To Include In A Blog Post

When setting out to create a new blog post there are several elements that might be worth considering. Depending on the target audience of the blog post and the aim of the blog post it could be worth while to consider some or all of these elements that can make a blog post compelling viewing for readers:

  • Make content compelling reading. In these days of information overwhelm it has become extremely important to engage readers to ensure they stay of your web page. Make the content useful, well written, to the topic in question and concise
  • Add in interesting images and graphics
  • Add in video relevant to the post subject matter
  • Adding infographics can be effective if done properly. Infographics is simply a visual way to represent information and can be effective in conveying data and concepts in an easily aborbed fashion
  • Add relevant blog categories. This makes it easy for readers to then locate other blog posts of a similar nature
  • Add in social share buttons to make sharing the post to friends and colleagues easy

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