In November 2015 it is estimated that over 65 percent of Australian websites are not correctly viewable on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. This means that organisations and businesses are potentially missing out on around 20 to 30 percent of web views as the number of people using these devices to search for products and services increases at an astounding rate.

Responsive Web Site Design

The term ‘responsive web design’ is used to define websites that are designed to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets as well as laptop computers and desktop p.c’s. We ensure all our website designs are fully responsive to ensure the newly created websites will be fully viewable on all such devices. Responsive web design aims to ensure that:

  • website menu’s work well on tablets and smartphones
  • display fonts and text and all content on┬átablets and smartphones
  • images and content adjust to be viewed on all devices in correct proportions
  • contact forms work correctly
  • colour schemes are accurate and reflect the original design concept
  • there is fully website functionality on all mobile devices

mobile friendly website design article

Online Emulators To Test Responsive Design

We make use of some well designed, web based tools to test the responsive design of our websites. It is important to test websites on android devices, iphone devices and tablets. To make this task easier and as accurate as possible we have access to online smartphone and tablet ’emulators’. these allow us to see how the websites will appear on these dvices without having to actually have such a device – very useful. More importantly it ensures the newly crafted websites are working as they are designed to.

S.E.O. Benefits Of Responsive Design

Google has stated that it gives ‘favour’ to websites that are mobile friendly in their search engine ranking results, when people use smart phones to search for products and services. So it makes sense to have a mobile friendly website built from scratch!