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Solar Panel Company In Adelaide – SEO and Lead Generation Campaign

We were asked by a Solar Panel company in Adelaide , South Australia if we could assist them in generating leads for their solar business.

We were able to set up a very cost effective and successful campaign based on the following strategy;

1. Establish what the  Keywords (search terms) were that people in Adelaide were typing into google when looking to purchase solar power systems in Adelaide

2. Establish the volume of searches per month for those Keywords

3. Based on the Keyword research in steps 1 and 2 above , we created 2 simple websites but highly optimised for those keywords.

4. We then got the 2 websites indexed and started a sophisticated back linking campaign

5. We added relevant content to the 2 websites as we performed daily link building activities.


1 Week after launching the 2 new websites they ranked on page 4 of google.com.au for the relevant Keywords

After 2 weeks  the sites were on page 3 google.com.au for the relevant Keywords

After 3 weeks the sites were on the top of page 2 google.com.au for the relevant Keywords

After 5 weeks both sites were on page 1 google.com.au for the relevant Keywords

After 7 weeks (and currently) one web site is in position 1 and the other web site position 7 ,page one google.com.au


So What Does This Mean For The Solar Company?

The solar company received over 70 new leads in the last 4 weeks and converted very significant dollars of sales from the leads.

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