DRC Systems is a specialist web services company. We work with businesses to generate new business and clients for those businesses from the internet. We have worked with many business sectors to successfully increase their profitability though finding new, buyer oriented clients for that business. Industries we have worked in include:

  • Trades – Plumbing, Electrical, Property Maintenance
  • Building Industry – New Home Construction
  • Energy Efficiency – Home Insulation
  • Solar Power – Solar Panels Installation Companies
  • Flooring Companies

Many businesses, in fact, virtually every business has a website these days. The question is: what business and what new clients does that website actually generate for the business? Business website costs vary enormously. In inner west Sydney, where we operate, business owners typically invest from $800 up to $5000 for a ‘business website’. They then feel as though they have a ‘presence’ on the internet. The question to ask is – what revenue, directly attributable to that business website, is generated each year? Sadly, for more than 90 percent of businesses, their website generates very little return for the business.

Recent Case Study – Web Marketing Costs – Return On Investment Can Exceed 1000 Percent Per Year!

Here we take a look at a recent example of the spectacular return on investment that is possible using DRC Systems web services to generate new clients month in, month out for businesses and make outstanding return on the investment in our services. We created a very straightforward business website for a tradesman, operating in Sydney’s Inner West. Business website do NOT have to be ‘all singing, all dancing” – in fact some web design companies, in our opinion, do their clients a disservice by ‘over beautifying’ the website design at the cost of capturing potential clients for the business that is paying for the new website design. The business website we created for our tradesman client simply consisted of:

  1. Home Page. A simple outline of the business and the services offered. Strong, simple messages and a ‘call to action’, encouraging clients to pick up the phone and call the business. After all, that is the sole purpose of the website.
  2. Our Services Page. This is a page with full details of the range of services offered by the business.
  3. Contact Us Page. Phone number, address, email and a customer enquiry form – simple!
  4. Terms and Conditions Page – self explanatory
  5. Blog – This allows the business owner to publish regular updates pertinent to their business.

Combine The Newly designed Website With Feeder Sites and Search Engine Optimisation

Once the website was completed we got to work in making the newly created website visible to clients specifically searching for the services offered by our client – this is the KEY to generating enquiries and new business for the client. This process takes skill and experience and DRC Systems has the track record in successfully doing this. We give clients a detailed brief as to what we do and what the likely outcomes will be in terms of generating real, revenue generating enquiries for their business. We give estimates of time scales required to complete our work and an idea of ongoing costs, if any.

Outcome. Once we had completed the work, the business was ably to recoup our costs in 5 to 6 weeks. This was achieved through the client simply receiving a substantial, ongoing stream of high quality enquiries for their business which they converted to orders.

Conclusion. Many businesses have websites that simply do not generate revenue for that business. if you are a business owner in the Inner West Sydney, contact us today to see how we can assist you generate more business.