Sliders allow web designers to integrate moving images and text into visually stunning ‘slide shows’ on the home page of a web design. Our website is an obvious example of this. We have used a slider image plgin to create a moving picture show which allows allows us to have include text messaging with the images. this makes for an eye catching home page website display so that when visitors view the website they can quickly, via an attractive and interesting header display, get a feel for the web services we offer in an intuitive, visual programme that sets it apart from the blocks of text that used to be the website ‘norm’ just 5 years ago or so.

Website Slider Selection – Critical In Web Design Practice

WordPress currently has over 100 sliders that are available for web designers to use in creation of new websites. So what are the consideration for selection of the most appropriate slider? As well as the pure aesthetics of the completed image slider we look for these features and benefits of a slider prior to integrating into a new web design project:

  1. It strength in code against hacking vulnerability. One of the potential downsides to some sliders designed to
    slider for website design

    The Revolution Slider Is Widely Used In Modern Web Design Projects

    work with websites is that, whilst they make look great on a website, the coding used to create the slider has not taken into account the best coding practices to avoid hacking and breaches of website security. there have been several well publicised issues with well used sliders over the last few years that have resulted in thousands of hacked websites due to vulnerabilities in the code of the slider plugins. This can be a huge problem for webmasters as some website hacks can be extremely difficult to repair and are very time consuming.

  2. Is the slider mobile and tablet friendly. currently, according to google, approximately 20 percent of website traffic is now viewed on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Our experience in designing websites that incorporate sliders is that some sliders perform way better on smart phones than others. If someone is viewing your website on a smart phone and cannot clearly see the images displayed then it is better not to have it integrated into the design. we carefully evaluate all image sliders for mobile compatibility before using them on a website.
  3. Can text be incorporated into the slider display? These days the most advanced sliders are coded so moving text, text blocks and varying size text images can be incorporated into a slider header display. This makes getting a message across to viewers of the website interesting and effective. It can be very eye catching to integrate moving text and images ito the header of a website and can give it a unique look that sets it apart from competitor websites.