As we discussed in an earlier post, the use of the wordpress CMS has many advantages as a building block for web design. When an inner west business approaches us looking for a new website or upgrade of an existing website we hold discussions with that client to determine the objectives that particular business has for the website. This could include the visual appearance of the website, the purpose or primary intention of the website and the use to which the website will be put to work. This could be purely promotional or a full blown ‘E-Commerce’ website.

Creating The ‘Look’ Of A New Website – Design Options

Using wordpress as a basis for a new web designs has many advantages. One of these is that it is relatively easy to customise the look of the website to meet the clients needs. WordPress is designed to accept different ‘themes’. website design imageThemes are basically a ‘skin’ which is setup over the wordpress framework. The theme determines a unique look and functionality of the website and can be used to define website features including:

  1. website menu structure and appearance
  2. colour scheme of the website
  3. header position and size
  4. image slider options to display images and message in a variety of ways
  5. google maps integration
  6. client contact form structure
  7. web page structure including sidebars and footers
  8. fonts and font size

By understanding the clients needs we can select a suitable theme as the starting point of a new web design project. we them customise the design to meet the exact needs of the customer resulting in a unique webiste that perfectly meets their needs.